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Business disputes can be costly both with respect to the time spent to resolve the disagreement and with the distraction from your core business mission, as well as from the legal costs associated with securing resolution. Problems with customers, another business or between partners/principals or between commercial landlords and tenants interrupt the daily operations of any business. Immediate action is often needed to resolve the issues.

Finding The Bottom Line Of A Dispute Within Your Business Bottom Line

Maintaining in-house legal counsel to resolve business disputes is an expensive line item in any business budget. I established Scott C. Gladstone, Attorney at Law, to provide Massachusetts-based businesses and out-of-state parties doing business in the state with the sophisticated advocacy of a large firm and the affordability of a smaller law office.

At my Chestnut Hill law office, I spend time with my clients, starting with a free initial consultation. I determine the nature of the dispute and the strategies necessary to find resolution. After an in-depth review of the legal issues and the potential costs of representation, I communicate the benefits and the risks.

In many cases, a demand letter is sufficient to fix the problem. Other disputes can be settled through negotiations or mediation. More contentious cases require litigation or arbitration.

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My law firm is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with evening and weekend appointments available on request. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced Chestnut Hill – Brookline based business dispute lawyer, fill out my intake form. You can also reach me by calling 617-730-4525.

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